Ocean Framed Print

Ocean Fine Art Photography / Surf Fine Art Photography


In one moment it can be wild and fierce and in the next placid and still. The ocean really does have the ability to calm and soothe the soul. It's this love of the ocean that has Lonely Hunter continually striving to capture and expand on our collection of ocean fine art photography. Through my surf and ocean fine art photography, I aim to capture the raw and powerful beauty of this ever changing body of water. In order to create a truely unique ocean print, I need to capture the ocean in ways you may have not seen before. I do this so that my clients know when they purchase an unframed or framed surf print, they are getting a piece of work which is entirely original.

At Lonely Hunter all the frames which house our ocean fine art photography are custom made to the highest standard. With a range of colours, sizes and options to choose from our products will meet any requirements. If you are looking for a new piece of art for your home, office, or workplace please feel free to take a look through our ocean and surf fine art photography collection.