Blue Mountains Wedding Photographer

Blue Mountains Wedding Photographer

blue mountains wedding photographer

Unique Blue Mountains Wedding Photographer


Are you looking for a Blue Mountains wedding photographer who understands exactly how to harness the beauty of the natural landscape and how to use that within your wedding photography to create stunning portraits? That is only one of the many reasons why Lonely Hunter Weddings is one of the best in the business. Please note, we have moved our wedding photography site to a new location, it can now be found at Before you head over to the new site, let me explain what you can expect from Lonely Hunter Weddings and why I am so passionate about being a Blue Mountains Wedding Photographer.


About Lonely Hunter Weddings


My name is Richard and I am an award-winning photographer and creative director behind Lonely Hunter Weddings. At Lonely Hunter Weddings, I aim to not only deliver incredible wedding photography but also exceptional customer service. From the onset of your inquiry, Lonely Hunter Weddings will answer any questions you and your partner have. I will provide one on one consultations to help you get the most out of your wedding day. As a Blue Mountains wedding Photographer, we will offer ongoing support and guidance throughout the entire the entire process. Our goal is to have you feeling relaxed and at ease with our abilities, so that you can focus on what's important - enjoying your day.

As a professional wedding photographer, I will be there to capture the raw and honest emotion which tends to come with those big moments. As well as the subtle and inconspicuous gestures which often go unnoticed. I understand that there is a reason why you and your partner have chosen to get married at a certain location or venue. So I will utilise these elements to the fullest and bring them into the wedding photography. From the wedding invitations all the way through to the colour scheme and decor you have chosen for the reception, I understand that everything has been meticulously thought out and curated down to the last detail. With this in mind, as your Blue Mountains wedding photographer, I will make sure I don't miss anything.


Where Else Does LHW Take Bookings?


There are so many beautiful locations and wedding venues to photograph that this Blue Mountains wedding photographer simply can't contain our services to just the one area. I LOVE to travel and I love taking bookings in new locations. So I don't charge any travel fees for weddings located within three hours drive of Sydney.

Are you looking to elope or hold a destination wedding in Australia or overseas? If that's the case and your wedding is located outside the three-hour radius, then I have more good news for you. For these bookings, we always keep the travel fees to an absolute minimum and usually only request travel expenses. Please get in touch if this is what your after and we can go through the logistics together.


How You Can Reach Us?


Want to drop Lonely Hunter Weddings an email and tell us about the jaw-dropping wedding your planning? Do you have some wedding related questions you would like to ask that aren't even about photography? Or maybe you would like a copy of our pricing and packages? If that's the case, you can reach us via the contact page found at our newly relocated site. Alternatively, if you would like to know more about our services you can find it here. If you would like to view some albums from past weddings we have shot, you can find that here.

As I mentioned at the start of the article, our site has recently moved to a new location and can be found at So please feel free to check it out..


blue mountains wedding photographer

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