Standard Frame Range

Size: 46cm x 35cm

The 46cm x 35cm frame is part of our standard frame range. The print is mounted on gator board and sits at the front of the frame with a 5cm matte border. The frame profile is 2cm wide on the face by 2cm deep. This frame is sized perfectly for gifts or adding personality to a small space.  

Sizes: 61cm x 45cm / 76cm x 55cm

Similar to the 46cm x 35cm frame, these two sizes have one slight variation and that's the depth of the frame. The print is still mounted on a gator board and sits at the front of the frame with a 5cm matte board but the size of the frame changes slightly to suit a larger image. The frame has a 2cm front profile but the depth of the frame increases slightly to 4cm which makes it a little more eye catching and gives it a bit more weight for wall mounting.

Shadow Box Range

Sizes: 91cm x 67cm / 127cm x 91cm / 165cm x 117cm

In our opinion our shadow box range will display your new fine art print the best. The print is mounted onto gator board and features and 7cm centurion metallic pearl paper boarder. But rather than mount the image at the front against the glass/acrylic, the image is set towards the back of the frame separate from the glass which creates a very soft shadow around the edge and this is where the frame gets its name. The frame has a 3cm front profile and measures 4.5 - 5.5cm deep depending on frame colour.

Acrylic Panel

Sizes: 45cm x 30cm / 165cm x 110cm / 76cm 51cm / 91cm x 61cm / 127cm x 85cm / 165cm x 110cm

Our acrylic panels come in every size from 45cm x 30cm all the way up 165cm x 110cm. The print is pressed against a 6mm acrylic panel and has a 1mm styrene backing which is designed to protect the print. Once this is done, the panel doesn't require any further framing. Acrylic panels are a modern way to frame a print as it streamlines the image and allows the medium to accentuate the vibrancy of the image.

Acrylic Block

Size: 30cm x 20cm

Our acrylic blocks are designed the same way as the acrylic panels, the only difference being that they 3cm thick. These self standing blocks are perfectly designed for bringing a splash of colour to your shelves, desks or tables.